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        Nitrogen and potassium double high type large element water soluble fertilizer

        30-8-16 +TE

        A double high nitrogen and potassium formula (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium ratio 3.75:1:2)
        While fast meeting the demand for nitrogen in the vegetative growth period of crops, crop failure is prevented.

        Component content table:

        一、Product description:
        1. Nitrogen and potassium double-high formula (the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is 3.75:1:2) can quickly meet the demand of nitrogen during the vegetative growth period of crops and prevent crop growth.
        2. Selection of high-grade raw materials, without chloride ion and hormones, can be safely applied to various crops, long-term application will not cause soil acidification, hardening.
        3, super water soluble, fast dissolved, no residue, suitable for various fertilizer facilities.
        4, concentrated formula, advanced technology, less dosage, fast fertilizer efficiency, high utilization rate.

        This product can be widely used in various vegetable, fruit trees and other plant growth period, mainly suitable for vegetative growth period.
        1, drip irrigation: according to the difference between crop and growth stage and drip irrigation equipment, according to 4-6kg/ mu.
        2. Spraying: Spraying the stems and leaves at 500-1000 times (15-30g water to 15kg) every 7-15 days.
        3, Chong Shi: according to the different crops and growth stages, according to 5-8kg/ acres, every 10-15 days.

        三、Matters needing attention:
        1. This product should be used in sunny morning or evening, and should not be used in ultra-high temperature, strong sunshine and other extreme weather.
        2. Use this product, should do a good job of personal protection, accidentally splashed into the eyes, should be immediately washed with a large amount of water.

        四、Storage and transport requirements:
        1. This product should be stored in a cool and dry place to avoid heat and moisture, not exposed to high temperature or hot sun storage and transportation.
        2. It should be used as soon as possible after opening to avoid moisture absorption and caking; once moisture absorption and caking, fertilizer efficiency will not be affected, and can be used after crushing.