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        Organic seaweed

        Water soluble fertilizers containing amino acids

        This product contains free amino acids, alginic acid unique to algae and a variety of natural plant growth regulators, has high biological activity, can stimulate non-specific plant body.
        The production of heterosexual active factors stimulates the growth of the crops. Under the action of carriers, the calcium and magnesium needed by crops can be effectively supplemented, and there is no antagonistic effect among the elements, so the fertilizer can be increased.
        Absorption rate and utilization rate of materials can prevent various physiological diseases and improve cold resistance, disease resistance and stress resistance of crops. Ensure that the crops absorb all kinds of nutrients and do not cause plants.
        A lack of nutrient elements.

        一、Product characteristics:
        1. products are selected from natural algae, which are rich in natural bioactive substances and mineral nutrients.
        2. Soil natural conditioner, increase soil biological activities, promote plant production, improve crop resistance.
        3. Double absorption, convenient use, green environmental protection, advanced technology, increase production, improve quality.

        二、Applicable crops:
        This product is suitable for fruit trees, vegetables, melon and fruit and flowers.

        三、Major nutrients:
        Free amino acids were more than 100g/L, alginic acid was more than 20g/L, and the middle element Ca+Mg was more than 30g/L.
        Add nutrients: concentrate seaweed solution equal to 150g/L, Mannite, Betaine, B, Zn, etc.

        三、Limit element index(mg/Kg):
        Mercury(Hg)≤5  Arsenic (As)≤10 Cadmium(Cd)≤10   Lead(Pb)≤50  Chromium(Cr)≤50

        四、Usage method:
        Foliar spraying, diluted 300~600 times (take 25~50g, water to 15kg) interval 7~10 days / time
        Recommended: 100-300 milliliters / mu

        五、Matters needing attention:
        1. pay attention to thin fertilizer, diluted and then use.
        2. this product should be stored in the cool and dry place, and the shelf life is 4 years.
        3. when the use of this product, careless splash into the eyes, should be immediately flushed with a large amount of water, away from children.