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        Speed transmission Sugar Transfer

        Sweetening and improving sugar content of fruits and vegetables
        This product is a natural liquid organic fertilizer. It can promote photosynthesis, metabolism of carbohydrates, formation of carbohydrates and fats, transfer of carbohydrates and fats in plants, and increase the sugar conversion rate of crops. It can significantly improve the sugar content of fruits. It can also improve the uniform ripening of fruits and improve the quality of fruits.

        一、Application method (foliar spraying):

        For short growing crops, it is recommended to use 1 times in flowering season, 100 milliliters per mu.
        Main components: organic matter 30%,  MgO 5%

        二、Matters needing attention:
        1. can be mixed with other pesticides and fertilizers.
        2. the concentration should be more than 100 times.
        3. do not spray on rainy days. Rain should be re applied within 6 hours after application.